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About Hydra Offshore UK Ltd

Company Introduction:-

  • Hydra Offshore UK Ltd was developed to support the International Oil and Gas and renewable Industry with specific strategic alliances, Joint Ventures and exclusive technical support agreements.
  • Hydra Offshore UK Ltd have key complementary companies in place to conduct:-  

  1. Infrastructure development, in-country.
  2. Oil spill clean up.
  3. Environmental recovery after clean up, this including re-planting of indigenous plants and utilisation of recovered land to produce food source such as rice.
  4. Utilisation of rice by-product for silica production.

  • Hydra Offshore UK Ltd have introduced this philosophy to develop business, increase environmental protection, assist community development.
  • Hydra Offshore UK Ltd addressed problematic areas within West Africa and strategically partnered with complementary companies to complete full organic project completion.

West African Country Partnered Companies:-

Abradark Company Ltd, Ghana.  Abradark Company Limited was formed in December, 2012 and incorporated with the Registrar General Department (RGD) under the Ghana Company code. Abradark was established with the idea of providing the best Business to Business Services, equipment Rental and Leasing, Logistics for Pipes and others in Oil and Gas Industry, Cleaning Services, Agricultural and Agro-products, Quarrying and Gold mines, tank Farms including Import Export.
International Companies aligned for support:-
GCG Shotblasting, Scotland. GCG provides cost effective protection for vital assets subjected to corrosion and chemical attack in harsh environments. Our tough, long-lasting coatings for the Oil and Gas Industry defend  structures against degradation and shield pipework, steelwork and valuable equipment from the challenging conditions in locations worldwide. GCG provides cost effective protection for vital assets subjected to corrosion and chemical attack in harsh environments. Our tough, long-lasting coatings for the Oil and Gas Industry defend structures against degradation and shield pipework, steelwork and valuable equipment from the challenging conditions in locations worldwide. The versatility of our coatings makes them ideal for many industry sectors including decommissioning, railway infrastructure and construction.
With our innovative range of world-class coating products we can provide the maximum longevity for your assets, with the minimum of downtime, saving you money.
GGDEngineering Ltd, Scotland.  Established in 1996, GGD Engineering has continually developed as a reliable and respected fabricator. Our purpose built facility allows us to handle larger items, enhancing the range of products and services we can offer.

Why should you use us?
Quick turnaround time
Repair and refurbishment work carried out
High quality facilities and equipment
High quality workmanship
All work is guaranteed environmental science

Companies aligned for support:-

  • ONGC TERI Biotech Ltd,  India.  Technology offered by OTBL is highly specialized and patented. It all began about a decade ago. OTBL, a leader in the field of bio-remediation and has been giving services to ONGC. OTBL are developing young scientists working in developing microbiology. Broadly, OTBL is providing following Services: 

  1. Microbial Enhanced Oil Recovery (MEOR)
  2. Paraffin Degrading Bacteria (PDB) in Well Tubing 
  3. Wax Deposition Prevention (WDP) in Flow Line
  4. Bioremediation of Oily Waste & Oily Sludge (OIL ZAPPER).

  •   Green Clean Technology, Norway.  Green Clean Technology are suppliers of biodegradable colloidal products, which immediately progresses to degrade long chain hydrocarbons. Product usage:-

  1. Surface washing agent.
  2. Rig and equipment Cleaner.
  3. Degrease and clean of storage tanks.

  • Aberdeen Drilling Management, Scotland.  A prestigious team of respected engineers and doctors in the field of Oil and Gas plus environmental protection. Specialising in peer or technical well review tailoring each well study to maximise usage including:- 

  1. Reservoir management.
  2. Petroleum geology.
  3. Production and completion management.
  4. Drill fluid and waste management.

Key Personnel

Managing Director

Ashley S McCarthy

General Manager

Nils Koren

Company Administrator

Pamela Philpott

Latest news from Hydra Offshore UK Ltd

  •  13/06/2018:  Developing innovative, ECO friendly project actively progressing ECO investment support.

    Hydra Offshore UK Ltd would be interested in discussing the project, in more depth with investors, banks or entrepreneurs with an ECO background and experience.

    Download the "Investment Teaser" via the link below to review Hydra Offshore UK Ltds investment opportunity.

  • 22/03/2018:
    Hydra Offshore UK Ltd's Managing Director Ashley McCarthy
    has been appointed non-executive director for International Trade in our Ghanaian partner company Abradark. He will be working closely with the other directors of the company, to ensure a mutual beneficial development in the international markets where Abradark is currently involved.
  • 20/03/2018:
    We have over the past few weeks been working on some exiting new partnerships and alliances, and we will soon be able to go public with these developments.
  • 30/01/2018:
    It has been a very busy week for Hydra Offshore. Following on from previous discussions with different partners in Africa and India, we are now much closer to realise the plans for construction of different plants in Ghana. Our suppliers in India are working on the specifications, and we expect to have the first detailed plans available in the next 1-2 weeks. We have also been having meetings with different potential investors / backers, and we have had very positive feedback, on both the ideas and also the plans. We hope that the construction of the first plants will be able to to start in the next two months.
  • 8/1/2018:
    Due to the variety of requests being received, we have now decided to embark on a new adventure, by setting up a consulting arm of Hydra Offshore  in Norway.
  • 7/1/2018:
    Following on from the mini trade misssion in September last year, Hydra Offshore has secured contracts for supply of equipment for the construction of a plant for extraction of silica from agricultural waste. Purchase orders for these are imminent. Terms and conditions currently being negotiated.

  • 15/09/2017:

We are at the end of another busy week for Hydra Offshore. Our Managing Director Ashley McCarthy is currently in Ghana for meetings with Government officials and local companies, to try to secure contracts and agreements for the different business areas in which Hydra Offshore operates. Discussions so far have been very positive, and we are eagerly awaiting the results of these meetings. Closer to home, we have been very busy following up discussions and meetings held during Offshore Europe. Follow-up meetings are being arranged almost daily, so the outlooks are very good. Keep checking back here for the latest news!

  • 11/09/2017:

Hydra Offshore UK Ltd have enjoyed some very interesting and rewarding days, attending Offshore Europe 2017 in Aberdeen. During the show we have established a number of new contacts, and also attended meetings with different organisations and entities who are very interested in assisting us with creating a lasting legacy within the environmental field in West Africa, and other parts of the world. As soon as agreements are in place with these organisations, we will announce them here and on our  Facebook page. We are also very pleased to announce that we now have in place Joint Venture agreements with some of the companies who have joined us in our our effort. These companies are Green Clean Technology from Norway, Abradark Company Ltd from Ghana and also Macobarb from Nigeria. We are still waiting for more JV's to be signed, and these will be announced here and on our Facebook page as soon as they are in place.


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